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Country Life - Agriculture in the Course of the Year


Nothing characterizes life in the countryside as much as the alternation of cold and heat, summer and winter, sowing and harvesting. The exhibition area Land-Leben is based on this structure. An impressive variety of historical tools, implements, and objects illustrate everyday farming life. From sowing in the spring to gardening in the summer, potato harvesting in the fall, and repair work in the winter. And, of course, you can see what is happening in the flora and fauna.



"Plough-Group" – Working Tool and Symbol


Even from a distance, the "Plough-Group" on the wall attracts the eye. Almost weightlessly, more than 20 plows reach for the sky and resemble giant insects. The plow rightly claims this prominent position - after all, it is not only the most important farming tool but at the same time a symbol of land use and settlement.